Ethan Sifferman

What is Arise?


Hypothetically, let’s say you have an important event in the morning, and you NEED to be out of bed by 8AM. But you want to get up early to get a head start on the day, so you set your alarm clock at 7AM. However, when the alarm rings, you drowsily exclaim “blargh, I still got an hour…” and sleep in, completely defeating your original intentions of waking up earlier!

If you've ever been through this, ARISE is the solution. When you set your alarm, instead of setting one specified time, ARISE lets you set a range of times that an alarm could randomly go off at. Therefore, when your alarm goes off, the anxiety of not knowing whether you have an hour left or one minute left will get your adrenaline throwing you out of bed no matter the time!


screenshot demonstration

Arise is an Android app built from scratch with Android Studio. We used AlarmManager methods from to connect directly with Android OS default alarms. This resulted in a stable experience that was a wonderful instroduction to Android app development.

Check out the GitHub repository here!