Ethan Sifferman

What did I Organize?

On September 6th, 2018, I earned the highest rank in Boy Scout: Eagle. A requirement for this award is to lead a service project that benefits my community.

As an active member of the CVCHS Ugly Eagles Marching Band, I decided to build durable, wooden shelves for instruments and equipment. This project required 16 collaborators and over 120 collective hours of planning and construction.

Project Description

I removed the old shelves in the Clayton Valley Marching Band's shed and replaced them with brand new, custom fit, wooden shelves. The old shelves could not store the Marching Band's newly purchased instruments or sound equipment. However, these shelving units have been customized to perfectly fit the band’s needs. This has helped speed up the band’s loading and unloading process substantially, and will allow the band to store much more inside the shed.

The construction process went very smoothly. We finished a day early. We also had enough leftover wood to repair the ramps leading up to the sheds. At the end of the day, we had no unused wood. And when we were cleaning up to go home, we had time to pick up the trash that had been thrown behind and around the shed from before we arrived.

In addition, transporting of materials was easy because of the help I received from my family friend's truck. And Ashby Lumber gave us a huge discount. We only had to pay $314.79 for the lumber. All other materials were donated.

Schematics, Maps, and Diagrams

Here are the documents I prepared over the course of four months to prepare for the project!

Finished Product


I ended up successfully earning the rank of Eagle on September 6th 2018. Thank you to all who helped make the finished product beautiful!