Ethan Sifferman

Where'd you get this Tesla Coil?

UCSB IEEE built a dual resonant solid state tesla coil in Spring of 2018. You can learn about how it was built from the club's website or the 2017-2019 club president's website!

The Tesla Coil was a fantastic project for the club! However, it has sat, collecting dust since. Therefore, I am working to attatch a MIDI Interrupter to it so it can be played in real time with MIDI input.

What's a MIDI Interrupter?

MIDI Interrupters need to take in the data from a MIDI signal and convert it to a PWM square wave that the tesla coil can read.


The first prototype will be to plug the tesla coil's input directly into the audio jack of a computer that is playing a square wave. Once I feel that I understand how tesla coils can be interfaced with, I will start building an interrupter that does not connect to a computer but a microproccessor that converts the MIDI signal to a PWM.

However, due to Covid-19, and the lack of access to the UCSB IEEE lab, progress has been slow. So please check back soon for more updates!