Ethan Sifferman
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Music Video for "Stand Six Feet" : Aca-word

Meet the members of Aca-word with this music video I edited! "Stand Six Feet" is a parody of "Stand By Me", meant to bring hope and humor to fight the fear and stress caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

May 20
This Love

"This Love" & "Crocodile Rock" : B.I.P.S.

Enter into the world of Budget Instruments Plus Singers! (B.I.P.S.) What lies before you is a land of cardboard boxes, kazoos, cups, butter knives, and a half-working banjo from the internet.

Mar 20

"sound" : for Carillon and Woodwind Duet

"sound" was written and performed for UC Santa Barbara. It honors the ecosystem of the university. Storke Tower's carrilon rings accross a woodwind duet while people walk by enjoying the campus's beautiful weather. Headphones recommended!

Dec 19

"Elation" : Clayton Wind Band

"Elation" is a positive, high-energy wind ensemble piece written specifically for the Clayton Wind Band. Composer Daniel Jones and I assembled and managed the wind ensemble of nearly 30 instrumentalists to record our pieces.

Aug 18

"Luvushka" : for Saxophone Quartet and Tambourine

“Luvushka,” or “trap” in Russian, draws the audience in with catchy motives, exciting rhythms, and energetic dissonances. I worked on this with several saxophonists, and percussionists to utilize the full potential of the instruments.

Jun 18

"Problem" : O.I.C.

This is possibly the most wacky climax to a musical ensemble ever! As president of the Odd Instruments Club (O.I.C.) at Clayton Valley Charter High School, I arranged a kitchen sink extravaganza to finish out my term.

May 18